Other news - Friday, 18 October, 2019

The Translational Intervention Endoscopy Center has been handed over

The Translational Intervention Endoscopy Center has been established at the 1st Department of Internal Medicine of the Clinical Center from nearly 200 million HUF, which was handed over ceremoniously on 17 October. An anaesthesia machine and an x-ray equipment to support intervention have also been provided in addition to the most advanced endoscopic equipment to the Center that is equipped with internationally outstanding equipment. Thus, in severe conditions such as necrotizing pancreatitis, endoscopic procedures that are much less burdensome for the patient become available instead of lengthy major surgical procedures.

The University of Pécs was the first in Hungary to provide an institutional framework for translational medicine in January 2016, and since then the range of collaborative opportunities of the University of Pécs has been expanding due to the activities of the Center. In recent years, research cooperation with more than 400 foreign institutions has been successfully established, which is reflected in the growing number of scientific publications: this year, 20% of the nearly 300 publications of the Medical School are related to the Translational Medicine Center.

The goal of the Clinical Center is to provide high quality patient care while also providing opportunities for doctors to progress scientifically. The new Endoscopy Center offers a chance for this as well. There is no other endoscopic center in the Central and Eastern European region as the one established by this development, therefore the primary goal as it is included in the tender is to support the expansion of non-invasive interventions such as endoscopic ultrasound besides the effective treatment of severe pancreatitis accompanied by cell death. It also contributes to the training of the youth and recruitment training.

The development was implemented within the framework of the GINOP-2.3.2-15-2016-00048 Stay Alive project.




Szabolcs CSORTOS, UnivPécs

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