Other news - Friday, 21 February, 2020

New digital x-ray machine at the Urology Clinic

An extremely modern, digital X-ray machine has started working at the Clinical Center Urology Clinic. The machine presented on 20 February is capable of taking even more accurate, high-quality images, all at a reduced radiation dose and in less time than its predecessors. This increases the number of patients treated daily and reduces the waiting time for examination.

The Ministry of Human Capacities, the National Healthcare Services Center and the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary have issued a call for the support of the investments in inpatient care facilities. The University of Pécs Clinical Center submitted an application for economically efficient and sustainable restructuring and related infrastructure developments, and received a grant of 931 million HUF. From this source, a state-of-the-art digital X-ray equipment, which meets all needs, has been purchased for the Urology Clinic, and the examination room and treatment department have been completely renovated. The total cost of the investment was 85 million HUF.

Dr. Árpád Szántó, head of the Urology Clinic said: "The new device will allow faster, more accurate, better-quality imaging at a reduced radiation dose, as well as shorter examinations, resulting in the increase in daily patient numbers, and reduced waiting time. In addition to the daily routine, other X-ray examinations related to hospital care and the use of digital technology also make telemedicine available, so that the newly operated patient is not exposed to the problems of transport to another facility and the procedures of surgical planning are simplified.”

It has been said that, as part of the daily patient flow the new "in-house" examination is of great benefit in establishing an accurate diagnosis with contrast material x-ray examination of a patient suffering from kidney stones, cramps, or a stone that maintains a urinary flow obstruction. With the new device, approximately 2500-3000 patients can be examined annually.

Dr. Andor Sebestyén, President of the Clinical Center added: “Due to the development, the Pécs clinic now has the most modern radiology department among the inpatient urology care units in Hungary, and we can be proud of it. At the same time, we know that the infrastructure in itself is not enough, the fact that the Pécs clinic has the appropriate medical and professional background and knowledge available for the patients is at least as important. ”

Source:,  PTE

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