Other news - Monday, 17 August, 2020

Even a Brazilian dog is studying at the Summer University

The International Studies Centre of our School has been organizing the Hungarian Language and Culture Summer University for twenty-one years, which is very popularity every year. This is no different this year either since more than seventy people from 30 countries on four continents are familiarising themselves with the Hungarian language and culture.

Organizer Dr. Katalin Pelcz said in connection with the event: “Although we build on the experience of the last twenty years, this course is a completely different, new form of learning, which is not a copy of the summer university held in real space. Adapting to the epidemiological situation, we have embarked on the online implementation of the intensive course because on the one hand we have gained effective experience in the International Studies Centre of the Medical School during the semester and on the other hand we believe that this form of training may be ideal for other target groups as well. The fact that the program started with nearly 75 students this year exceeded all our expectations.”

According to Katalin Pelcz, the high number of participants is due to the fact that they continuously maintain contact with students and teachers working based on the MagyarOK curriculum, so they were able to reach those relatively quickly and easily who work mostly as individual learners on learning Hungarian somewhere in the world. In addition, it was helpful that the Tempus Public Foundation also provided support for 30 of the students applying for the program.

Language learning plays a key role in the online space as well, however, the experiential application of the language use has also been included in the program:

conversations with interesting people, sports program, cooking and craft activities make the courses more colourful.

It is interesting that a Brazilian dog also participates in the trainings: Ana Paula Unheizer from Sao Paulo sits through the digital classes with her dog named “Khal Drogo”, as we can see it in the photo she took.

The program and its presentation can be found here:



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