Coronavirus information - Tuesday, 19 January, 2021

Information about COVID-19 shot appointments (published on 19 January, 2021)

Dear Students!

We are continuously arranging new appointments for active UPMS students for voluntary and free of charge administration of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine (Pfizer/BioNTech).

You can make an appointment for the current available dates on the link below, always until 2pm the day after the new dates are announced.

Location of the vaccination: 7623 Pécs, Rét street 2. Rehabilitation Centre, ground floor.

Please, when you make a booking, only secure one slot for yourself! We also kindly request that before the scheduled appointment for the shot, be present at the location of vaccination! Not showing up and cancelling the appointment beforehand makes other students lose their chance to get the vaccine. All student appointments will be validated, and appointments made by passive or non-medical students will be deleted.

The appointment made on the online application form is about the first dose of the vaccine. Afterwards, there will be a second, booster shot in order to encourage immunity. This second shot is administered 21 days after the first shot; the exact date for this will be given to you when you go get the first shot.

In case due to unforeseen circumstances (vis major) you would like to cancel or modify the booked appointment, or you have multiple bookings and you want to specify the date of the appointment, instead of calling the phone number we provided earlier, please send an e-mail to In your e-mail please provide your name and EHA/NEPTUN code, and the date and time of your booked appointment you wish to cancel or change. Your e-mails will be processed continuously.

Those eligible for the vaccine have to submit a declaration of consent and epidemiology at the location of the vaccination. Please take the filled declaration and your passport with you to your appointment. The date on the form should be the date of the vaccination. The necessary documents (Declaration of consent, epidemiological declaration) are available for download on the following link.

Hungarian students have to provide their TAJ number, international students (if they do not have a TAJ number) their Neptun/EHA code when scheduling an appointment. Every UPMS student over 18, who has not been proven to be infected with COVID-19 in the last three months (regardless if they had symptoms or not) are eligible for the vaccine. Those who were infected in the Spring wave of SARS CoV-2 are also eligible. Students who have participated, or are participating in volunteering activities should contact EHÖK with their request for vaccination.

The available dates for the vaccination will be updated continuously. The Admission and Student Service Office will also send out emails about the new dates.

Best regards,

UP Medical School Student Service Department

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