Coronavirus information - Thursday, 28 January, 2021

Preliminary interest assessment for COVID-19 vaccination for UPMS students

Dear Students,

With the first wave of free, voluntary COVID-19 vaccination round coming to an end, the medical school leadership would like to thank those students who made the responsible decision to take part in the fight against coronavirus and participate in increasing the number of vaccinated residents.

A large number of first- and second year students took part in the first wave of vaccinations, but it would be important to have more higher year students taking part in the vaccination programme, to allow a larger percent of them to benefit of the immunity provided by the vaccine.

We would like to notify students not yet registered for vaccination that due to the low interest in the last COVID vaccination dates in January, organisation of further dates will be on hold until February 8. However, we will start surveying student interest in signing up for later dates.

If you have already decided that you would like to take part in the vaccination programme, you can notify us about your interest by completing the survey below with your data. We would like to inform you, that by signalling interest in getting the vaccine you accept that in order to achieve immunity, two shots are needed, and that you accept being present at the Clinical Centre Vaccination Centre for the second shot 21 days after the first one.

Students signed up for the interest form will be notified about the second round of vaccination dates first. Higher year students doing clinical practice will have priority in scheduling vaccination order.


We are thankful for your participation.


Best regards,

UP MS Student Service Offices staff

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