Coronavirus information - Thursday, 4 February, 2021

Preliminary registration for COVID-19 vaccination closed

The preliminary registration for students for COVID-19 at the University of Pécs Medical School closed at noon on February 3. Almost 1200 students expressed interest in getting the vaccine.

The Medical School cooperated with the Clinical Centre to organise the first round of COVID vaccination between January 15 and 25 for medical students; 1013 students registered for the ten available days. The interest was high: 654 students signed up until January 20, 861 until the 22nd, and 947 until the 24th. Most students were from the General Medicine course.

The 120 places filled up in about 30-50 minutes on the first vaccination days. After a week of intense vaccination, registration slowed down, the last four days were not filled up in multiple days. The last two days were filled 38% and 33%, respectively.

The vaccination plan of the general population makes the vaccination of healthcare workers its priority. Aside from people with healthcare degrees, the plan considers active medical and other healthcare higher education students healthcare workers as well, but does not include students in other fields. The applications of non-medical students were constantly filtered on the aforementioned days; their reservations were cancelled.

The preliminary student registration for the COVID-19 vaccine closed at noon, February 3. The number of students interested in the vaccine doubled in the last day: the starting number of 600 grew to 1164. Registered students will be contacted via email once there is a possibility for getting the vaccine.

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