- Monday, 22 February, 2021

Keep Active! – the winner of the first round

The first round of Keep Active! competition series ended at midnight. It’s time to announce the winner of the unique MS hoodie and bottle!

Winner of the first round: Kornélia Réka Kacz (sophomore pharmacy student)

Exercise and sport have played a very important role in my life since preschool. I always tried to take time for some form of movement, as it refreshes and relaxes me. It is not different this time while staying home. I think it is especially important not to get lazy and to keep active after a whole day of online education. After a long mental work, exercising can cause particularly good physical fatigue. During the implementation of physical education at home, I tried to choose forms of movement for which I did not have to leave my home, and if I had to, I went to a place where I could move alone, avoiding meeting others. During the selection of the exercises and creating a training plan it was important to me to consider that the sport could be included in my agenda, and I also paid attention to have as diverse online PE as possible.

All videos submitted to the contest will be available to you soon and remember: Videos submitted by the end of the diligence period will be put to the vote and the student who gets the most votes by May 30 will win the 50,000 Ft voucher for sport supplies!

Stay with us and Keep Active!

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