- Thursday, 25 February, 2021

Dynamic Yoga with Lia

Every Thursday from 6 PM Lia is waiting for you in MS Teams ”PTE AOK Keep Active!” group with dynamic yoga which will guarantee to make you sweat!

You must sit in front of your desk for the whole day? Lack of movement?

Unable to concentrate without coffee or energy drink?

Is your favourite gym closed?

Come and break out of the hustle of everyday life and take time for yourself.

Experience the beneficial effects of yoga, which you can feel even after the first occasion.

Learn dynamic yoga.

We move to the natural pace of our own breathing.

Less static movements and held out postures.

This type of yoga has been proven to be the best to develop endurance as well as improve your stamina and flexibility.

It revitalizes, energizes, and makes you feel tired. As a result of constant concentration and practice it keeps both your body and mind flexible and fit.

If you love to move and don’t mind sweating, then this kind of yoga is sure to be exciting for you.

Join and keep active with us!

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