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Invitation to the next zoom lectures, embedded in the ERASMUS International Lecture Series ‘Translational Neuroscience’ and "Global Health"

The success of our first Erasmus International Lecture Series in the past semester has not only encouraged us to resume our lecture series in the field of “Translational Neuroscience” but also offer a new lecture series in the field of “Global Health” in the coming summer semester 2021. For further general details please read our previous article.

Invitation to this week’s zoom lectures:

  1. Translational Neuroscience (Wednesday, 24 March 2021)
  2. Global Health (Thursday, 25 March 2021)

embedded in the ERASMUS International Lecture Series with our Partner Universities of Würzburg, Caen, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Maribor, Marseille, Olomouc,  Rome and Zagreb



Lecturers: Prof. Maja Troąt and PhD students Tomaľ Rus and Matej Perovnik, University of Ljubljana
Lecture title: Metabolic brain biomarkers of neurodegenerative brain diseases

Wednesday, 24 March 2021 , 17.00 - 18.30 PM (CET)

Maja Troąt is associate professor of neurology at the Medical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia and the Head of the Center for Extrapyramidal Disorders  at the Department for Neurology of the University Medical Centre Ljubljana (UMCL). Her clinical work is focused on patients with neurodegenerative disorders (dementia and Parkinsonisms) and on movement disorders patients who are treated with continuous dopaminergic treatments and deep brain stimulation.

She is also coordinated the nuclear-neurology team at the Nuclear medicine department at the UMCL and reads clinical FDG-PET, amyloid PET and dopamine transporter SPECT scans. Her main research topic are metabolic brain biomarkers in neurodegenerative brain disorders.

She is involved in a few national and international research projects in the field of metabolic brain imaging in neurodegenerative disorders. She is a member of the National Research Program on Medical Physics.

Participation is possible with the following zoom access link without prior registration

Zoom meeting link for lecture on 24 March 2021 (University of Ljubljana)

Meeting-ID: 951 5321 7506

Passwort: 518725


Lecturer: Prof. Meriadeg Le Gouil, University of Caen Normandy
Lecture title: Mechanisms of viral emergence: examples from bats to human

Thursday, 25 March 2021 , 17.00 - 20.00 PM (CET) LONG LECTURE

Meriadeg Le Gouil, has a background on ecology, population biology, systematics, phylogenetics and virology with a particular focus on host-parasite coevolution. His PhD (National Museum of Natural History, Paris / IRD / Institut Pasteur) focused on the wild origin of SARS Coronavirus in wildlife and on zoonotic and emerging viruses infecting bats. In 2009, he moved to the Institut Pasteur Paris, in the laboratory for urgent response to biological threats, where he developed his research on viral diversity in wildlife and on the link between animal and human health through projects on coronaviruses such as EPICOREM (French ANR - €1.8M), exploring the Eco-Epidemiology of coronaviruses, from wildlife to Human and emergence threat assessment. He also developed methods for the investigation of the etiology of non-elucidated syndromes (such as encephalitis or respiratory syndromes) using high throughput sequencing technologies. In 2017, he moved to The University of Caen and in the University Hospital of Caen, where he worked on respiratory viruses and implemented next generation sequencing applied to microbial diversity investigations, undiagnosed infectious diseases and personalized medicine.

Actual grants among others: RIN/EU/Feder (430 k€, PI), DynaMic’H, disentangling the interactions between human respiratory viruses and the microbiome; DisCoVER (French ANR – 200k€, PI), exploring the diversity and spill-over mechanisms of SARS-COV-like viruses in wildlife; ICRAD Eranet MuseCoV, studying multi-scale evolution of coronaviruses; WHO SARS-CoV2 EVoZOOne; ANRS Lacoviss; ANR SPillBack. For more details on ongoing projects please see: /


Participation is possible with the following zoom access link without prior registration

Zoom meeting link for lecture on 25 March 2021 (University of Caen Normandy)

Meeting-ID: 923 9484 0596

Password: 605256


Forthcoming lecutres:

07.04.2021: Awake craniotomies by lesions in dominant and non-dominant hemisphere - Tomaľ ©migoč & Janez Ravnik/Maribor

08.04.2021: Infectious diseases epidemiology in Senegal, past and present – Oleg Mediannikov/Marseille



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