- Monday, 22 March, 2021

Keep Active – The winner of the third round

The third round of our online competition series is over. Our winning student is Virág Vas, whose video and report are available on our website!

“For me, regular exercise means a lot. It helps me to shift the focus from the hustle of everyday life, stress, tasks ahead, to maintain a healthy balance. In my video, I did not have the opportunity to present every aspect of my time spent with movement, as I often didn’t take a video / photo of it. In addition to home workouts, in the spring time, when I could do outdoor exercise, I chose to. Many times, I went hiking or just running at the end of my days.

I strive to continue to maintain this rhythm and keep regular sports part of my daily routine.”

Videos submitted during the tournament period will be entered into a draw for each round, so if you may not win now, you’ll get the same chance in the next round.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that making a video like this can complete a report on online physical education!

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