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Unique economics training helps pharmacy students at the University of Pécs Faculty of Pharmacy

The University of Pécs Faculty of Pharmacy (GYTK) and the Faculty of Business and Economics (KTK) have created a nationally unique training programme, through which pharmacy students in Pécs can acquire vital economic, financial, and marketing knowledge for the success of their future business. The programme, which runs in parallel with the pharmacy training, is also a springboard for those who would like to deepen their knowledge in the business master's programme.


Written by Viktor Harta


In addition to deep professional knowledge, young pharmacists who would like to take their chance in their own business need to have more and more other knowledge as well: beyond the solid bases, knowledge of the economic, financial, and marketing fields can provide competitive advantage for future pharmacists. Recognising this challenge, UP GYTK and UP KTK have launched a training programme called Business Knowledge for Pharmacy Students.

“As a practising pharmacist and teacher, I am well aware of the great need for a thorough economic background in order for someone to run a successful pharmacy business or become a member of such a business. That is why we have created this programme together with the Faculty of Business and Economics,” - dr. András Fittler, Vice-Dean of the University of Pécs Faculty of Pharmacy told us about the beginnings.

The aim of the programme launched in September 2019 is to provide part-time economics training to pharmacy students, during which students acquire the business knowledge and skills that are essential in addition to pharmaceutical knowledge in their later work, such as managing a pharmacy. In addition, the training is a great help for students who are also thinking about obtaining a master’s degree in economics because by completing it, they gain important economics credits that are essential for entering business master’s programmes.

The subjects of the seven-semester training programme are optional and participation in the training does not mean extra costs for the students. The subjects are worth registering in the 3-9th semesters according to the recommended schedule.

In the first block of the training, students get acquainted with business and economics basics, accounting, and corporate finances. After that, they have the opportunity for specialisation: they can continue their studies in finance or marketing. Those interested in marketing will be introduced to the world of marketing formulas, as well as mastering the basics of digital marketing, and future pharmacists focusing on finance will deepen their knowledge in the areas of financial planning and business accounting.

"Knowledge of what is said in class may be required in all areas of the profession"

Since the start of the training, about 40 students have applied for the market-oriented courses in the Hungarian programme, the English programme is being prepared. There were many positive feedback messages from the students.

“I have always been interested in economics, so I was delighted to see the subject Business and Economics Basics at the time of course registration” - said Benjámin Sipos, a second-year pharmacy student. In his view, the training is a perfect opportunity for any future pharmacist who would like to gain a better understanding of the relationships between business segments.

“I find this collaboration between faculties extremely useful because after university, having acquired such knowledge is an advantage on the labour market. This is especially true for pharmacists, since the knowledge of what is said in class may be required in all areas of the profession. Personally, I really enjoyed the classes due to the way Dr. Gyula Zeller delivered the lectures” - he added.

“I have absolutely positive experience with the course. The lectures always had a good atmosphere, even in the online space” - said Luca Sebők, a pharmacist student, when we asked her about her experience with the course.

“The lectures often touched on topics related to the current economic situation, but we analysed and understood them from a completely different perspective. Occasionally, Professor Zeller gave an example related to pharmacy for us to understand a process or phenomenon, which I really liked” - she continued, emphasising the flexibility of the teachers, which allowed the lectures to be viewed later as well.

“I think this course was a breath of fresh air in our schedule since it is a much more casual class that was sometimes refreshing to listen to again between learning two difficult subjects. In addition to these, I have also been enriched with a lot of interesting and useful information, which I will definitely be able to benefit from in the future. I was glad to have the opportunity to complete this class because it gave me an insight into economics as well” - the student summarised her experience.

More information about the training can be found at the following link.

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