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Invitation to Next Week’s Zoom Lectures on Translational Neuroscience and Global Health

Invitation to next week’s zoom lectures for students and staff members

  1. Translational Neuroscience (Wednesday, 28 April 2021)
  2. Global Health (Thursday, 29 April 2021)

embedded in the ERASMUS International Lecture Series with our Partner Universities of Würzburg, Caen, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Maribor, Marseille, Olomouc, Rome and Zagreb

The planned programs of the lecture series can be found in attachment of our previous article



Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Philip Tovote, Julius Maximilian University Würzburg
Lecture title: Neuronal circuits and dynamics of integrated fear & anxiety disorders

Wednesday, 28 April 2021 , 17.00 - 18.30 PM (UTC+2, CEST)

Personal information

Philip Tovote, Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

Institute of Clinical Neurobiology, University Hospital Würzburg (UKW)

Current position

W3-Heisenberg Professor and Chair of Systems Neurobiology, University Hospital Würzburg

Other roles

Steering Committee Comprehensive Anxiety Center, vezetőségi tag; Interdisciplinary Center for Clinical Research Würzburg, tag; Strategy Committee of Medical Faculty Würzburg, tag; Research Data Infrastructure Committee, University and University Hospital Würzburg; tag; Animal Care and Use Committee, District Government of Lower Franconia

Relevant Work experience

2017-              W3-Heisenberg Professor and Chair, Systems Neurobiology

2009-2017      Postdoctoral fellow, Friedrich Miescher Institute, Basel

2005-2009      Research Fellow, University of Hawaii

Professional background

2005               PhD, University of Göttingen

2002              Teaching degree Biology & Chemistry for secondary schools

2002               Diploma, Biology

1996-2002   Study of Biology & Chemistry, University of Göttingen

Main research focus

Neuronal circuits of defensive states, fear & anxiety, approach-avoidance behaviour,  motor control, brain-heart interactions, optogenetics, microendoscopy, viral tracing

Additional information

DFG-Heisenberg Professorship, Participant German Research Data Initiative Neuroscience (NFDI), Member Steering Committee DFG-funded CRC TR 295, PI German Center of Heart Failure; Member Dissertation Committee, Medical Faculty Wuerzburg; Member Graduate School of Life Sciences, University of Würzburg; Member Elite Master Translational Neuroscience; Pfizer Prize 2016, NARSAD Young Investigator prize 2013, 2016


Participation at the lectures is possible with the following zoom access link without prior registration:

Zoom meeting link for lecture on 28 April 2021 (Philip Tovote/Julius Maximilian University Würzburg)

Meeting-ID: 951 5321 7506

Passwort: 518725



Lecturers: Prof. Dr. István Szilárd & Dr. Zoltán Katz, University of Pécs

Lecture title: Migration health policy aspects in the recent programs of WHO and ECDC
Thursday, 29 April 2021 , 17.00 – 18.30 PM (UTC+2, CEST)

Prof. Dr. István Szilárd is specialist in Internal Medicine and Public Health Medicine. He has a Ph.D degree in Health Sciences.

Since 2007 he is acting as Professor tit. at University of Pécs, heading the Migration Health programs of the Medical School and he is the co-director of the WHO Collaborating Centre on Migration Health Training and Research at University of Pécs Medical School.

During the civil war in Post-Yugoslavia, he joined to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in 1996 with the tasks of planning and coordinating emergency and post-conflict humanitarian operations in the Balkans. Between 2004 -2007 he was appointed for IOM Senior Migration Health Adviser for Europe and liaison person to EC on migration health, posted in Brussels.

He was member of the expert teams that have developed WHO and ECDC European migration health strategy and programs.

He has published more than one hundred scientific articles.

The European Parliament has decorated him with the ‘European Citizen’ award in 2017. 

Dr. Zoltán KATZ is assistant lecturer at the Department of Operational Medicine (Migration Health Programs), Medical School, University of Pécs (UP-MS). He graduated as a pharmacist at UP-MS in 2009. His PhD studies deal with the effects of migration on public health safety of the host countries in the European Union with special focus on the epidemiology of infectious diseases, immunization and screening of communicable diseases.

He participated in the implementation of international training and research programs focusing on migrants and ethnic minorities. He gained wide experiences by taking part in field visits and research performed in the Hungarian immigration system (refugee reception centres, border crossing points, etc.) since 2013.

He is taking part in education and development of gradual and post-gradual training programs in the field of medical and pharmaceutical sciences at UP-MS.

Participation at the lectures is possible with the following zoom access link without prior registration:

Zoom meeting link for lecture on 29 April 2021 (István Szilárd & Zoltán Katz/University of Pécs)

Meeting-ID: 923 9484 0596

Password: 605256


Lectures in the following week:

05.05.2021: Modelling  stroke: Impact of comorbidity, age and sex – Marina Radmilović/University of Zagreb

06.05.2021: Mental health in asylum seekers and refugees resettled in Europe - Lorenzo Tarsitani /La Sapienza University Rome


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