Other news - Thursday, 20 May, 2021

Modern, comfortable chairs replace the decades-old aula armchairs at the Medical School in Pécs

The old aula armchairs of the University of Pécs Medical School, which had been used at events for several decades, have been replaced. The School bought 1,000 chairs, which are still waiting in the warehouse for their debut.

The well-known aula armchairs from the graduation ceremonies have a history of about half a century, they had been used at the Medical School in Pécs since the 60's and 70's. However, time and use have left their mark, it was time to replace them.

Public procurement for the new seats began in October 2020, the contract was signed in January 2021, and the chairs were delivered to the Medical School in March 2021. The total value of the procurement was approximately 44 million HUF.

The new chairs are more modern, more comfortable, easier to handle than their predecessors, and easier to move and store - they can be fitted together and take up less space. They will be used at events organized by the university and the School, as well as external organisations. They have not been put to use yet, they are waiting to be revealed in the basement warehouse.

The old armchairs are in the inventory of the facility management. Those that can still be used will be placed in the corridors for the convenience of students.

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