Other news - Tuesday, 1 June, 2021

„Keep Active” grand prize

The aim of our online competition series was to motivate our students to exercise regularly. Students submitted their training videos during the semester. Every other week we drew a lucky winner who was enriched with a PTE gift package.


Kornélia Kacz (1), Gábor Mezei (2), Virág Vas (3), Kincső Kövesi (4), Dorka Kocsis (5), Chen Hui (6), Réka Madácsi (7)

From the creators of the videos submitted by May 30, we drew out the winner of our main prize, who will be enriched with a HUF 50,000 sports supply voucher. The main prize of our online Keep Active! competition was won by Kornélia Kacz, who sent us a total of 7 videos during the semester!

Congratulations to our winner!

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we are extending our video competition to the exam period, so who wants a PTE gift package that includes a faculty hoodie, SPEC t-shirt, eco bottle and now Your Life with MS bag, keychain and stress ball, do not hesitate! Make a video of yourself while playing sports, send us via “we transfer” and write down what regular exercising means to you!

Dates of draws during the examination period:

8th time: 31 May

9th time: 14 June

10th time: 28 June

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