Other news - Tuesday, 1 June, 2021

The departments are moving, the finishing touches are being put on the new theoretical building of the Medical School in Pécs

The new theoretical building of the University of Pécs Medical School has been technically completed, which has been the biggest development of the Medical School in Baranya in the last decades. In the house that meets the 21st century needs of students and teachers in all respects, the educational infrastructure is being installed and programmed. The first departments will also move in soon.

The construction of the new 15,000 square metres theoretical building began in November 2017. The new house fully adapts to the expectations of our time, whether it is education beyond personal presence and supported by infocommunications tools, an educational environment preparing for practical trainings based on modern technologies, problem-oriented training that initiates research challenges, or the quality spaces of student community life.

"The new building of the UPMS is technically completed, it has the necessary permits to use it, in the current phase the installation and IT programming of the infrastructure serving the educational technology needs are being carried out" - said Imre Sillye, chief engineer of the University of Pécs.

According to him, the northern park, established in the immediate vicinity of the new building, can already be used by visitors based on the principles of the open university. Fortunately, more and more people are discovering it as a community space, which justifies the original goal of involving the area in the city’s bloodstream as much as possible.

Imre Sillye said that after the certificate of occupancy was issued, some classrooms of the educational level have been opened in close cooperation with the School to safely conduct the exams due to the coronavirus epidemic, so some students could already experience the new building and some of its spaces.

However, the situation due to the COVID epidemic also called for special solutions in strict compliance with the epidemiological regulations: entry is provided through a corridor cordoned off and with the installation of a central thermal imaging gate suitable for the entry of many people at the same time. The chief engineer emphasised that thanks to this, the new house of the UP Medical School has adapted to the conditions of the pandemic.

"The next period will be exciting for the Medical School in Pécs, the relocation of the departments will start in June, which will be placed on the second and third floors" - the chief engineer continued. The Department of Public Health Medicine will be the first to move into the new house, but three other departments, the Institute of Physiology, the Institute for Translational Medicine, and the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy, can also take their place.

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