Other news - Monday, 28 June, 2021

Additional graduation ceremony for medical doctors and dentists

On 26 June, our School organised the additional graduation ceremony for medical doctors and dentists in the Dr. György Romhányi Aula. It was a particularly touching ceremony because the young doctors only had the opportunity to take the oath in writing last year.

“One of the most outstanding moments in the life of a medical university is the graduation ceremony, this should not be given up, therefore it is a great pleasure to be here today,” said Professor József Bódis, State Secretary for Higher Education, Innovation and Vocational Education of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, who also spoke in his ceremonial speech about the greatness and beauty of the medical profession. He stressed that the past year has proven even more that there is no stopping in development, in order to do their work at a high level and with humanity, they have to learn constantly, which is especially true for the medical profession.

The medical doctors were the first ones to take the oath, followed by the dentists. On behalf of the doctors of the Medical School, Dr. Miklós Nyitrai, Dean, congratulated them for obtaining their diploma and starting their medical career. They all received a memorial certificate, the summa cum laude doctors received the Elizabeth Ring and everyone the gift of the Medical School.

As in previous years, students received awards last year, which the School sent to them by post. They were also personally congratulated at the ceremony.

Dr. Noémi Rita Kremzner medical doctor and dr. Réka Rebeka Niklai dentist won the Gyula Mestyán award for which graduate students presenting outstanding TDK work were eligible to apply in memory of Dr. Gyula Mestyán paediatric professor.

A certificate was given for their many years of outstanding clinical demonstrator activity to:

  • Dr. Ágnes Buda
  • Dr. Johannes Maria Athanasius Broll

A ceremonial speech was given by Professor Miklós Nyitrai, Dean of our School as well. “It was painful to make the decision about postponing the graduation ceremony, but fate treated us kindly and if not by the Christmas tree, we can celebrate now,” he said, then spoke taking the example of team sports about the importance of teamwork, community strength, belonging together, the importance of celebrating together. He emphasized that all development is based on communities. There is development in vain if there is no community that can move mountains. The Medical School is like that, a large family to which former students will be welcomed to return.

Dr. Tamás Tényi, Vice-Dean greeted the doctors of the English programme, dr. László Czopf, Vice-Dean greeted the doctors of the German programme, dr. Ákos Nagy Head of the Dentistry Programme gave a speech in Hungarian, English and German.

At the end of the additional graduation ceremony, the new doctors were celebrated with a glass of champagne in the assembly hall of the new building.


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