Other news - Wednesday, 28 July, 2021

The handover of the construction site of the new dental building will take place in September

“Everything is still progressing according to schedule: based on the latest visit, the interior design work is in advanced condition, the cladding has been installed, the painting has been done in many places, and the built-in furniture is being installed,” said dr. Balázs Sándor, senior lecturer at the Clinical Center Department of Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and one of the professional contributors to the project of the new dental building. As he said, the exterior landscaping is also spectacular, the construction of the parking lot is progressing well, and the procurement of technological equipment can begin, which means the dental unit tools and the high-performance machines that operate them.

According to Dr. Balázs Sándor, the handover of the construction site of the building will take place in September, as planned, but this does not mean that it will be put into use, as the installation of the machines is yet to be carried out. The move is planned to be implemented in several stages next spring and in early summer. Next year’s summer practices and the 2022/2023 academic year are scheduled to begin in the new building.

The primary examination of patients and X-ray diagnostics will be on the ground floor and on the first floor, the treatment of children, and the treatment of children and adults with special needs will also take place here, specialised care will be provided on the upper floors. One floor up are oral surgery and periodontology, two floors up are prosthodontics, conservative dentistry and orthodontics. They will have seminar rooms for education, but they will also use the rooms of the UPMS. In addition, as part of the development of the MediSkillsLab, the department will receive a separate laboratory from an EU tender where simulation practical training will take place.

Dr. Balázs Sándor added that the new dental building meets the latest energy standards and environmentally friendly operation, part of which is the installation of solar panels on top of the building, which means 30-50 percent energy savings based on the estimated calculations.

(Our former article on the new dental building was published on May 13.)


Lajos Kalmár

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