Educational news - Friday, 30 May, 2008

August exam period

Policy for the consideration of August exam requests in the academic year 2007/2008

Policy for the consideration of August exam requests in the academic year 2007/2008 1. The exam is permitted by the Dean. The following rules apply to all three majors and all three language programmes of the Medical School alike. 2. The departments (course directors) decide the maximum headcount (number of places) and the number of exam dates and are obliged to publish them on the department notice boards and/or website until June 05 the latest. The number of places provided for the exam is at least 8% of the total number of students taking that course. 3. As these places do not appear on ETR, it does not influence the frame number of places that has been divided and published on ETR earlier for the 7-week exam period; therefore the number of the exam places offered already does not change. 4. This extra chance only applies to students whose course directors certify that the students actually appeared and tried the exam on an earlier date. (Having “did not attend” or “absent” entry disqualify students to take an August exam). 5. If more exam requests are submitted than the number of places provided by the department, the policy for distributing the places is the following: a. students having only one retake exam are preferred, or b. students having a C or D chance in August (tried the exam twice in June) c. if, after careful consideration of the above conditions the number of applicants is still higher than the places provided, the earlier submission date of the request is determinative. 6. The period for submitting requests starts 8am on June 30 and the deadline is 3pm on July 04. Please submit requests to the Dean’s Office. The applicants will be notified about the Dean’s decision by July 15 and at the same time the departments will receive the list of students. The examination date will be set by the departments (course directors) within the extra week provided. The students will be notified about the exact date by the Registrar’s Office. 7. The request can be downloaded exclusively from the website of the Dean’s Office (, has to be filled out by computer, printed and submitted. Only one request can be submitted by each student. Pécs, 28 May 2008 Péter Németh, MD, PhD Dean

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