Ph.D. and Habilitation - Tuesday, 26 April, 2011

German guest professor offering a Ph.D. course

German guest professor offering a Ph.D. course at the Paediatric Clinic, in English

In compliance with the traditions, Professor Dr. Günther Boehm (Germany-Netherlands) will offer a Ph.D. seminar course entitled "Disease -specific nutrition" in the Paediatric Clinic (code of the course: OPMU_B-2/2008_DET4). The lectures will be presented in English and will take place on 2 May 2011 (Mon), 4 May (Wed), 5 May (Thu) and 9 May (Mon) at 14.30 in the Board Room of the Paediatric Clinic.

Lecture topics include:

  1. Nutrition during infection (including septicaemia)
  2. Nutrition of patients with hepatic disorders
  3. Nutrition of patients with renal disease
  4. Nutrition of cancer patients
  5. Nutrition of patients with intestinal disorders
  6. Nutrition of patients with neurological disorders
  7. Nutrition during the pre- and postoperative period

Professor Dr. Boehm is a tenured professor at the University of Leipzig, currently teaching at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, is a trained paediatrician. He became director of the research center following the merger of the companies Milupa and Nutricia sponsored by the Danone company. His responsibilities as a director include coordinating and supervising the work of more than 100 graduate researchers relying on a wide variety of chemical, biochemical and medical analytical instrument technology. (Further information regarding his scientific interests and activity is available on the MEDLINE database.) During the preparatory discussions of this course Professor Dr. Boehm also offered his practical suggestions in addition to his professional credentials for students participating in this seminar course- including the possibility of cooperation.

Dr. Tamás Decsi
Paediatric Clinic


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