Departmental news - Thursday, 5 May, 2011

Association of Hungarian Paediatric Surgeons, Festive Session


The Department of Surgery of the University of Pécs Medical School and the organizers of the session cordially invite you to the
Festive Session of the
Association of Hungarian Paediatric Surgeons
for the occasion of the centenial birthday celebration of
Professor Imre Pilaszanovich

The venue of the event: PKK, Assembly Hall Zsolnay (36, Majorossy I. utca)
Opening ceremony: 7 May 2011, 10.30

Programme details at

On 9 May at 16.00 guest lectures will be presented in the Central Building of the Medical School, in lecture hall II. This year's memorial lecturer is Professor Dr. Benno M. Ure.

1. "Pila bácsi", the legendary paediatric surgeon was born 100 years ago.
Dr. András Pintér, Paediatrics Clinic (15 minutes)

2. Minimal invasive surgery in newborns and infants: have we reached the top?
Dr. Benno Ure – Medizinische Hochschule / Hannover, Germany (40 minutes)

3. Mistakes and Oversights in Paediatric Surgery
Dr. Tibor Verebély-SOTE (25 minutes)

Those interested are cordially invited on behalf of the organizers:
Dr. András Pintér
                                                    Dr. András Farkas
emeritus professor
                                                 senior clinical doctor


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