Other news - Wednesday, 25 May, 2011

First Aid Competition

1st Prize

Pécs's team won the 1st prize in the 40th National First Aid Competition of the Hungarian Red Cross, adult category in Zánka.
Almost 300 members from 58 teams competed last weekend in the final, Pécs's team was boosted by two students from the Medical School. The competitors were required to complete the 20-station course within 6 and a half hours.
For their victory, Pécs's team will represent Hungary in the International First Aid Competition in 2012.   

Team members:

Péter Horváth (UPMS)
Bianka Váradi (UPMS)

Viktória Imhoff
Dorottya Zalay
Márton Ertlinger

Congratulations and good luck for the international competition.

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