Offical news of the Medical School - Monday, 4 March, 2013

A prestigeous award has been conferred upon Attila Miseta, Dean of UP MS

Prof. Dr. Attila Miseta was granted a high-ranking acknowledgement, the Báthory Prize, in gratitude for his work in favour of the creation of the Hungarian state-financed education in Romania. In the previous years prominent persons received this award such as George E. Pataki, ex-governor of New York state or Szilveszter Vizi E, former president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

The dean of the Medical School received a prestigious award for his work in the Transylvanian Hungarian education

The award conferred by the Hungarian National Council of Transylvania was created in 2005, ever since no more than 16 persons or organizations hold it. It was highlighted at the prize-giving ceremony in Targu Mures that Attila Miseta worked persistently - both as a vice-dean and dean - on the improvement of the Hungarian medical education in Transylvania. As part of his efforts, he not only held lectures personally in Targu Mures, but also granted fellowship opportunities for more than 50 students from Targu  Mures in Pécs, as well as more than 60 professors of the faculty could share their knowledge with their Transylvanian colleagues. As a dean he initiated that the Doctoral School of the Medical Sciences should launch a programme for Transylvanian doctors and pharmacists, which made it possible for nearly 20 Transylvanian graduates to pursue their studies in Pécs.

The dean of the Medical School received a prestigious award

At the ceremony it was also emphasized that he has made major efforts to achieve an educational workforce between the Hungarian partner universities and the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Targu Mures and this also played an important role in acquiring the support of the Ungurenau government to establish the Hungarian faculty at the university. Even though this plan failed to come true due to the fall of the government, the activity of Mihai Razvan Ungureanu has recently been acknowledged by conferring the honoris causa title of the University of Pécs upon Minister President Ungureanu.

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