Departmental news - Thursday, 7 March, 2013

6th Pannonian Symposium on CNS Injury

5-6th April, 2013, Hotel Corso****Pécs, Hungary



The first Pannonian Symposium on Central Nervous System Injury was organized in 2000 to facilitate communication and exchange thoughts between basic scientists and clinicians, representatives of countries and societies from Western, Central and Eastern Europe.
Since then four other symposia have promoted this fertilizing interaction that had led to novel research initiatives and grant proposals most probably resulting in a more comprehensive and detailed appreciation of the pathobiology of traumatic brain and spinal cord injury.
When the organizers spread this invitation and call for papers for the 6th Pannonian Symposium on CNS Injury, scheduled at Hotel Corso, April 05-06, 2013 Pécs, Hungary, their main goal is to collect knowledge and information in an attempt to facilitate the formation of scientific evidence- based guidelines in the field of traumatic brain and spinal cord injury.
As such the conference will focus on cutting edge translational research that would be shared via e-seminars and digital educational materials with those who could not manage or afford their participation at the scene.
A special flavor is provided by the presence of the executive board of the International Neurotrauma Society and the Scientific Advisory Board of the INTS2014 that will meet during the symposium and attendees, leading experts of neurotrauma research and care from all over the world- will share their expertise with the participants.

The organizers believe that - like our previous Pannonian conferences - this symposium will be highly informative and will further inspire collaborative efforts in various areas of research focusing on CNS injury and repair.

The host city of Pécs harbors a special medieval atmosphere, with most of the city included in the World's Cultural Heritage designation (UNESCO). Pécs is also a colorful and exciting Central-European city, which not accidentally has been designated the European Capital of Culture title in 2010. Those who had attended our 5th meeting will also be surprised upon the developments Pecs has undergone in the last three years.
As hosts of this symposium we are looking forward to the 13th anniversary of our first meeting, to welcoming you to Pécs, hoping that this meeting will again be a memorable one!

Organizing Committee:
Tamas Doczi Pecs, Hungary
John T. Povlishock Richmond, VA
Andras Buki Pecs, Hungary



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