Other news - Friday, 21 June, 2013

Invitation to a lecture by Professor Paul R. Martin

July 9, 2013 1pm, Szentagothai Research Centre B001

All interested colleagueas are cordially invited to a lecture given by

Prof. Dr. Paul R. MARTIN
Save Sight Institute,
University of Sydney,
Sydney, Australia

Title of the lecture is: „Introduction to the non-standard visual system: results of anatomical and physiological studies in primates”

Textbooks describe the visual process as a step-by-step re-construction of the visual world by the brain. The lecture describes experiments on subcortical visual pathways in primates which call this view into question. The data show that early stages of visual processing can inform the brain of complex features in the visual image.


Sincerely yours,

Dr. Péter Buzás
associate professor
head of the Visual Physiology Laboratory,
Institute of Physiology, UP MS

Dr. Zoltán Karádi
full professor
institute director
research group leader
president of the Neurobiology Working Group, Regional Committee of the HAS


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