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Feedback surveys

From 28 June the Feedback surveys are available

Dear Students,

From 28th of June until 31th of August you have the opportunity to fill out the feedback questionnaires in CooSpace.

Those completing the online evaluation of the obligatory subjects will be entitled to register for the exams a day earlier. It means, students having had filled in all the obligatory subject’s online questionnaires before the deadline will be entitled to register for exams on Saturday, instead of Sunday. Evaluation of the facultative and elective subjects, the exams and the lectures is NOT necessary to obtain this bonus. If you go passive in the next semester, you will lose this bonus.


1.    The questionnaires are in CooSpace.

2.    Your subjects from the summer semester are in „My scenes”

3.    In the menu „Surveys” are the questionnaires, named „Evaluation of the subject – FEEDBACK – FOR EARLIER EXAM REGISTERING”

4.    You can fill out the questionnaire clicking on the link. (Attention! The survey consists of more pages and you need to click on the „End of completion” button.)

The questionnaires are ANONYMOUS, they contain no identifying information. The system DOES NOT STORE any link between the questionnaire and the respondent, however it stores the information if the questionnaire has been completed or not. NOT EVEN THE DEVELOPERS OF THE SYSTEM are able to interconnect survey participants with the questionnaires.

Best regards,

Adam Schlegl
Feedback Committee

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