Other news - Thursday, 27 March, 2014

Fabulous- a Charity Campaign

The University of Pécs started a charity campaign, called Fabulous, at the beginning of this academic year. The Hungarian Committee for UNICEF is one of our patrons. Our aim is to draw parents’ attention to the importance of the invaluable time they spend together with their children. Story-telling, with or without books, may well be one of the most precious common activities. We believe that academic knowledge itself is not enough for a balanced and happy life. That is why we chose this topic to help little children be able to live such a life later as adults.

In order to share this message with as many people as possible, collecting story-books is an important part of our campaign. At the end of the project these books shall be donated to schools and kindergartens in Pécs. We also collect story-books worldwide.

We respectfully request you to be so kind as to help us in our work. With your kind support we hope to draw more attention to this important mission and make the lives of even more children better. If you feel that our charity campaign is precious enough to support, please place a story-book in the collecting box at your faculty until 10th April 2014. The box can be found at the main entrance of the Medical School.

Thank you.


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