Educational news - Monday, 28 November, 2016

Visit of Professor dr. Reinhard Urban in the Forensic Medicine Department

Professor dr. Reinhard Urban, previous dean of the Medical University of Mainz and the current chairman of the Department of Forensic Medicine in Mainz visited our university and the department of Forensic Medicine between 2016. november 22 and 25.

The professor gave a lecture for the english and german students about the structure of clinical forensic medicine in germany and it’s place in everyday judicial and clinical practice. The students were present  in the lectures demonstrated with examples in full numbers. After the lecture, the informal conversation with the members of our department gave an opportunity to compare the scientific and the forensic portfolio of the departments. One important achievement of the visit was, that the two chairman agreed in keeping a close connection in the future, and maintaining educational and research cooperation, by which  the training of young hungarian forensic experts and expert nominees will be possible in Mainz from the summer of 2017.

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