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A Glimpse into the Future

The University of Pecs’ 3D third annual Print Technology Conference welcomes everyone who is interested in the practical application of 3D printing technologies and visualizations. The event celebrates its third consecutive year and brings together notable experts and corporate entities in the developing field of 3D Print Technology. 

Various segments of this year’s conference covers engineering, fine arts, biotechnology and dentistry including presentations by several international and national experts, who plan to demonstrate recent achievements through the use of complex exhibitions and interactive workshops.

The University of Pecs’ 3rd International Interdisciplinary 3D Conference will be held on 5-6th of October, at the Szentágothai János Research Center. This year’s conference organizers offer a stimulating agenda including the current state of 3D print technology. Additionally, several notable international and national guests will demonstrate how 3D print technology is revolutionizing sectors of manufacturing industry and the fine arts. Today’s achievements, with respect to 3D Print Technology and its support to medical procedures, were deemed largely unimaginable just several years ago, yet today, researchers are finding it now entirely possible to generate ideal results utilizing 3D Print Technology.

One predominant characteristic of 3D Print Technology is the potential for revolutionary changes to spread throughout various scientific fields. The University of Pecs, clearly demonstrates this diversity remarkably well. During this year’s event, several notable and respected international and national presenters will demonstrate current advances in 3D Print Technology and its positive effects on industry, the fine arts and medical sciences.

This year’s participating exhibitors plan to showcase equipment and device demonstrations, in which attendees will enjoy the opportunity to experience authentic 3D printers in action. Additionally, attendees will be invited to review, up close, a variety of  3D printed products. Following the demonstration exhibition, attendees will be invited to trace the development of 3D printed products originating from concept, onto computer design and eventually, the final 3D printed product.

Today, 3D Print Technology and visualization is a respected and highlighted field of research at the UOP. This year’s event presents the UOP’s professional levels of research and current achievements gained by members of the project including developmental 3D Print Technology and its various applications, and highlighting the generous support of nearly a two billion HUF EU sponsorship.

The technological breakthrough in 3D Print Technology is just now beginning and its effective impact is yet unpredictable. 3D Print Technology’s rapid development is spreading over fields of manufacturing industry, the fine arts and medical science. Recent advances in medical science demonstrate how quickly 3D Print Technology and innovation weaves its way into practical applications. In consideration of medical research, today’s 3D Print Technology’s developmental achievements include skull, vertebrae, joint components, throttle and, jaw prosthetics, all printed using refined construction materials, ideally suited to 3D Print Technology and fully customized to the client or patient. Additional benefits include cost-efficiency and rapid solutions when offering the patient various forms of treatment. This is the present, and the future regarding 3D Print Technology suggests even more breathtaking medical advances benefiting humankind.

According to several researchers, printing human organs in hopes of solving organ transplant shortage is not that far off. Meanwhile, others see the potential solution for health and well-being, contributing to longevity, in the operational use of 3D Print Technology.

Attendees to the UOP’s 3rd International Interdisciplinary 3D Conference in October will enjoy the opportunity to experience a glimpse into the future realm of 3D Print Technology.

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