Coronavirus information

COVID vaccines available for foreign citizens
2021. May. 4, Tuesday
Police officers check compliance with epidemiological rules at the Medical School in Pécs several times a day
2021. April. 29, Thursday
COVID „vaccine passport“
2021. April. 23, Friday
"The crisis can be the engine of progress and development"
2021. April. 21, Wednesday
Information about COVID vaccinations scheduled until March 13
2021. March. 10, Wednesday
One last effort (hopefully)!
2021. March. 8, Monday
Second wave of COVID-vaccination ends on Sunday
2021. February. 17, Wednesday
Information for students about PCR testing
2021. February. 15, Monday
Student information about the availability of COVID vaccines
2021. February. 10, Wednesday
Preliminary registration for COVID-19 vaccination closed
2021. February. 4, Thursday
LAST MINUTE preliminary interest assessment for COVID-19 vaccination
2021. February. 3, Wednesday
Preliminary interest assessment for COVID-19 vaccination for UPMS students
2021. January. 28, Thursday
Information about COVID-19 shot appointments (published on 19 January, 2021)
2021. January. 19, Tuesday
COVID-19 shot appointment - 20 January, 2021
2021. January. 18, Monday
Information about modifying and cancelling the COVID-19 shot appointments
2021. January. 16, Saturday
Information about the COVID-19 booster shot
2021. January. 15, Friday
New dates for COVID vaccination!
2021. January. 14, Thursday
2021. January. 13, Wednesday

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