Pályázati hírek - 2020. december 2, szerda

Partnerkeresés kutatóknak - Green Deal - pályázat

Title: PS Horizon2020 GreenDeal: Dutch coordinator seeks companies/farmers active on topic 6 of GreenDeal call

POD Reference: RDNL20201123001

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Summary: A Dutch SME is preparing a proposal in the Green Deal call topic 6. The company will act as coordinator of the project and is looking for several companies e.g. active in biological pesticides, smart farming, precise irrigation. Also RTO / University to conduct the  neccesary studies to support the project. Furthermore, farmers/horticultural companies for infield demonstrations and consultancy to conduct socio-economic study. A research cooperation agreement is forseen with selected partners.

Expressions of Interest should be made using the online database:  

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  • Please click on “request on more information” to be able to express your interest. Due to the new GDPR-compliance policy of the EEN, you will be asked to create an account on the EEN IT platform.  
  • Your have to take care in explaining how you could fit in the partner search. You will then be contacted by your local EEN. In a second step, you will be put in contact with the company behind the partner search if your profile is retained.