Egyéb hírek - 2007. április 21, szombat


XXIVth International Meeting of Pediatric Work Physiology, 5-9 September 2007 - Tallinn, Estonia

The European Group of Pediatric Work Physiology has a tradition to organize a meeting every second year with an emphasis in discussion of issues relating to young people and exercise. The main topics of the PWP 2007 meeting are: - New methods for the measurements of physical activity in children - Different aspects of the measurements of body composition in children - Adipocytokines and physical activity in children - School sport, talent selection, top sport - Growth and development of children - Pediatric endocrinology and physical activity - Free communications An unique social programme with a half day trip to the medieval city of Tallinn and social evening will make your trip memorable. More information about the PWP 2007 meeting can be seen on the homepage: www.pwp2007.ee We are looking forward to see you in September 2007 in Estonia. Toivo Jürimäe Chair of the meeting