Pályázati hírek - 2008. szeptember 2, kedd

5th International Stem Cell School in Regenerative Medicine

5th International Stem Cell School in Regenerative Medicine

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, please find kindly attached the preliminary agenda for the 5th Internation Stem Cell School in Regenerative Medicine. The conference is organized by University of Rostock and takes place in Berlin and Rostock, Germany from 20-26 October 2008 and is supported by the European Commission. We would highly appreciate, if you could distribute this information among your students and scientists from Medicine and Biology departments. Please also note that funding for travel, participation and accommodation is available upon request and depends on the individual status outlined in guidelines from the Europan Commission. For details and registration please see the projects URL: http://regmedro.med.uni-rostock.de/. Questions and remarks will be answered by Mr. Jan Burmeister (phone: +49 381 494 4738, jan.burmeister@med.uni-rostock.de) Thank you for your help and support

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