Egyéb hírek - 2009. február 6, péntek

Konferencia Budapesten

"Felsőfokú oktatás nemzetközi előmozdítása" c. konferenciát tartanak Budapesten 2009. március 23-24-én.

Dear colleagues, Please join us at the conference "International Promotion of Higher Education - Experiences and Challenges" to be held on 23-24 March 2009 in Budapest. It is the closing event of the project entitled "Building Capacities of East-Central-Europe National Agencies to Promote Higher Education Outside the EU" supported by the Erasmus Mundus Programme Action 4 of the European Union. The conference is planned to - share the results and outcomes of the project with other EU member states and candidate countries, - to be a platform for addressing strategic questions of internationalisation of higher education, and - for capacity building of professionals working in this field. Main topics to be discussed at the conference: Strategic Issues – Why is it important for European countries to promote their higher education systems globally? Global Tendencies – What are the trends and challenges in international cooperation, mobility and recruitment? Implementation – How to develop quality English language programmes and manage foreign student communities? Case Studies – Practices of higher education institutions for enhancing promotion More information and the conference programme is available at: http://www.highereducationpromotion.eu/web/events/conference.html. For registration, please fill out and submit the form at: http://www.highereducationpromotion.eu/register/ There is no registration or conference fee, however participants will need to pay for their travel and accommodation costs. A limited number of rooms are available for free for non-EU citizens. Please feel free to share this information with your colleagues. Should you have any questions regarding the conference, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to meeting you in Budapest! Sincerely, Tereza Babkova, National Agency for European Educational Programmes, Czech Republic (www.naep.cz) Eniko Garai, Balassi Institute, Hungary (www.bbi.hu) Ilona L’Homme, Balassi Institute, Hungary Etienne Cazine, CampusFrance (www.campusfrance.org) Christian Müller, DAAD, Germany (www.daad.de) Jana Rehorovska, Slovak Academic Information Agency (www.saia.sk)