Egyéb hírek - 2017. január 13, péntek

Federation of Neuroscience Societies Regional Meeting


Dear Colleague!

We cordially invite you to the Federation of Neuroscience Societies Regional Meeting  (FENS FRM) organized by the Hungarian Neuroscience Society and the University of Pécs.

Date: 20-23 September 2017
Venue and location:  Kodály Centre Pécs, Hungary (4. Breuer Marcell Sétány, 7621 Pécs)

Abstract submission deadline: 30/04/2017

Early Bird registration deadline: 30/04/2017
Registration deadline: 10/09/2017
Website: www.fensfrm.hu

Scientific program:
Besides the 18 Symposia, numerous Satellite, Special and Social events there will be 6 Plenary lectures:


Thomas SÜDHOF (Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine in 2013 for the “discoveries of machinery
regulating vesicle traffic, a major transport system in our cells”,Stanford University Howard Hughes Medical Institute, USA)

“Towards a molecular logic of neural circuits"  

Hannah MONYER (University of Heidelberg, Germany)

”Short- and long-range inhibitory neurones governing spatial representation and memory"

Anders BJÖRKLUND (Neuroscience Center, University of Lund, Sweden )

Use of embryonic stem cells for dopamine cell replacement in Parkinson´s Disease"

Akihiro KUSUMI (Kyoto University, Japan)

"Single-molecule view of the plasma membrane organization for signal transduction"

Attila LOSONCZY (Columbia University Medical Center, USA)

"Imaging hippocampal circuits for navigation and memory"

István MÓDY (UCLA BRAIN Research Institute, USA)

"Interneurons in Alzheimer’s disease"

The Program Committee and Local Organizing Committee (LOC) are looking forward seeing you in Pécs next year and wishing you all the success in your work!

Gábriel Róbert (member, LOC)

Ábrahám Hajnalka (member, LOC)

Czéh Boldizsár (member, LOC)

Helyes Zsuzsanna (member, LOC)

Hernádi István (member, LOC)

Tamás Andrea (member, LOC)

Reglődi Dóra (chair, Scientific Committee)

Tamás Gábor (chair, Program Committee)

Nusser Zoltán (president, Hunarian Neuroscience Society)

Freund Tamás (Honorary President of the conference)

Rui M. Costa (chair, FENS Forum Program Committee)

Ábrahám István (member, Program Committee and LOC)