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Partnerkeresés Ausztriából és Spanyolországból

Partnerkeresés Ausztriából

The Federal Computing Centre of Austria – Bundesrechenzentrum (BRZ) is interested in participating in the following topics:

DS-07-2017: Cybersecurity PPP: Addressing Advanced Cyber Security Threats and Threat Actors

SEC-17-BES-2017: Architectures and organizations, big data and data analytics for customs risk management of the international goods supply chain trade movements

SEC-15-BES-2017: Risk-based screening at border crossing


The Federal Computing Centre of Austria – Bundesrechenzentrum (BRZ) is the market-leading e-government partner of the federal administration in Austria.

The BRZ supports more than 400 e-government applications that are used by five million users.

The BRZ runs one of Austria's largest computing centres, its own parallel computing centre and ensures one of the most reliable infrastructures available.

The Federal Computing Centre of Austria is also an internationally renowned cooperation partner and has been part of projects such as the Euritas (European Association of Public IT service provider).

BRZ was/is project partner of PEPPOL, Cloud for Europe, Future Trust etc.


Manoela BODIROZA, phone: +43 (0) 1 71123 883009, mail: Manoela.Bodiroza@brz.gv.at

Further information on BRZ: https://en.brz.gv.at/

Spanyol partnerkeresés

Spanish end-user interested in getting involved in a proposal under SEC-18-BES-2017, as a practitionner. They have experience in different EU projects.

General Directorate of Information Technology and Communications:

General Directorate of Information Technology and Communications dependent from the Spanish State Secretary for Security, and the Spanish Ministry of Interior, is responsible among other duties, for standardization and homologation of information and communication systems, codification and data structures within security. It includes control systems, applying alien law and also liaising with pan-European and other supranational bodies, such as Frontex, covering Border Crossing Points in Spain (air borders, sea borders and land borders, including the enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla).

Given the geo-strategic position of Spain, both as one of the gates to/from Northern Africa, and as a hub for Latin America, along with the increasing migration pressure; General Directorate of Information Technology and Communications believes that the rationalization of Border Control, in terms of cost-containment, facilitation and security, lies in the application of automated and assisted border control tools, among which ABC gates are to play a substantial role. Moreover, the Spanish ABC solution combines facial and fingerprint biometrics (for Spanish eID card and for 2nd generation passports). At the E.U. level, the General Directorate of Information Technology and Communications works closely with Frontex in these matters, and has been a member of the Frontex working group of Best Practices on ABC since its inception, actively contributing to its documents and publications.


Juan Jose Perez Benítez jjpb@interior.es

Phone number: +34 91 537 2301